National Picnic Day

Boy there’s a day for everything! A Picnic day! But its fun to create small celebrations that just happen to celebrate our daily life. Our children learn from our own behavior and if we are excited about all the small things in life, they will be too!

I don’t know about where you live, but the weather is finally starting to dry out and warm up here in the Northwest. I even spent some time in the garden and on my deck this weekend. The time spent outdoors and with some nature is cathartic and invigorating. And children are no different. The time they spend outdoors interacting with nature and fresh air, changes the way the live the rest of their day. 

Being outdoors gives children a boost of vitamin D helping to grow healthy bones. Studies have shown that the outdoors actually soothes the brain and makes it less likely that children will suffer from hyperactivity. Cambridge University did a study that indicated that children who spend plenty of time outdoors are less likely to suffer from nearsightedness. I guess that’s because they utilize a full range of vision rather than staring at a well-lit screen.

So why not take a cue from this holiday and have lunch outside today. Throw a blanket on the ground and sit around the edges – make it your table. For dessert, lay back and look at the sky. Do you notice anything? Are there clouds? Did you see that bird that just flew by? Check out how the geese form a V when they all fly.

Not only is having lunch outdoors a wonderful way to spend the mealtime, but clean up is pretty easy too!

So happy Picnic day – go out and enjoy some fresh air with your meal!


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One thought on “National Picnic Day

  1. That’s my kind of day. We’ve been having great weather around here, but it seems we’re going to get rain over the weekend, so probably no picnics for us this week.
    Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party.

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