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We’re Coming Back!

What a crazy year. I’ve been working on new trainings and the possibility of remote classes. This poor blog has suffered tremendously, so I’m planning on getting here regularly. Is there something you want me to talk about? Is there something you want to know? Let me know here!! I’m getting the line up ready!… Continue reading We’re Coming Back!

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Childcare and Covid – it’s been a long year.

It’s been a long year. Covid has changed the world of childcare in good and bad ways. Here in Oregon childcare rules have changed with drastic consequences to the business side. Groups are smaller and must be static. No moving kids around if a teacher calls in sick. And parents can’t go in the building.… Continue reading Childcare and Covid – it’s been a long year.

Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

National Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers work hard. A teacher writes lesson plans and does the research to provide appropriate curriculum. She presents that curriculum to a large group of children that often are more interested in something else, and manages her classrooms, guiding behaviors and challenging children to step in and try the activities. And all the while knowing… Continue reading National Teacher Appreciation Day

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National Crayon Day

It’s National Crayon day. In normal times I’d say, get that box of imagination out and lets start being creative! But these aren’t normal times. Many of us are in our homes trying to practice social distancing, and those that are left in the center have small classes, limited resources and the uncertainty of when… Continue reading National Crayon Day

Families and Communities

COVID-19 – What should we do?

The COVID-19 virus is building force here on the West Coast. It’s pretty scary times. As I watch everything around me closing, I wonder why child care (a virtual petri dish of germs) remains open. I do understand our front line workers need child care – those medical and emergency response people that are putting… Continue reading COVID-19 – What should we do?

Learning Environments & Curriculum

The Science of Fall Leaves

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Depending on where you live, the leaves of the deciduous trees turn into bright displays of color and then fall to the ground. But how and why does this happen? As teachers of young children, this color show is a great opportunity to teach them the science of… Continue reading The Science of Fall Leaves

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World Honey Bee Awareness Day

Tomorrow is World Honey Bee Awareness day. Not only does a honey bee give us honey, did you know they help pollinate nearly 80% of all flowering plants? That’s a lot of pollinating – and it helps farmers produce a huge amount of the foods we eat (about one out of every three mouths full… Continue reading World Honey Bee Awareness Day