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Cooking with Kids – Making Butter

Cooking with kids is great project that not only employs the science of food, but vocabulary, history, and some tasty fun!  As a teacher I used the Thanksgiving holiday to talk about families and traditions.  We also talked about the history some of those traditions, like using butter.  How do we get butter?  What is… Continue reading Cooking with Kids – Making Butter

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Interest Centers: Library Center

Children love books. The pictures can spark imaginative ideas and the words inspire literacy.  But too many times I’ve seen classrooms with just ripped and torn remnants of what was once a book.  Would you want to look a book that had pages missing and no cover?  Would that inspire you to read?  It doesn’t… Continue reading Interest Centers: Library Center


It’s Fall. Breathe – Put your Feet up.

Wow!  Can you believe summer is just about over – in some places it IS over!!  Are you ready for the new school year? At our center there will be a training on the use of Creative Curriculum and planning activities – and then the part the teachers like the most, seriously – preparing their… Continue reading It’s Fall. Breathe – Put your Feet up.

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Are You Ready for the Solar Eclipse?

We have an exciting event coming here to the upper Willamette Valley!  The solar eclipse will cross our state offering 100% totality in many locations.  It’s exciting and a wonderful opportunity to educate children about the amazing world we live in!   First and foremost, safety!!