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The Week of the Young Child

If you aren’t a member of NAEYC (The National Association for the Education of Young Children), I highly recommend you join. They have an abundance of resources and help to keep child care professionals updated on new research and laws. And every year they promote the Week of the Young Child #woyc19, “advocating for a… Continue reading The Week of the Young Child

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It’s Dragon Appreciation Day!

Do you like dragons? I do – and I haven’t met a child that didn’t! Today is a day to celebrate the Dragon! So just how DO you appreciate a dragon? Start the day with your morning circle and ask the children, who likes dragons? Ask them to tell you what a dragon is – … Continue reading It’s Dragon Appreciation Day!

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Child Directed Play

My office was next to the playground. I could look out the window and watch the kids play. One day a couple of months ago I happened to look out and saw a toddler picking up leaves and moving them to a pile she had started in the corner of the play yard. I watched… Continue reading Child Directed Play

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Thanksgiving Activities (and books!)

Thanksgiving is almost here! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. I’m sure most everyone already has most of their activities planned for this holiday and here are some more ideas!       Have a family potluck – Invite families to bring a dish to share with your class that is… Continue reading Thanksgiving Activities (and books!)

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International Talk like a Pirate Day

So how do pirates talk? Today is a day to have fun with the kids and the other teachers. Let parents know ahead of time and dress up like a pirate. Practice your pirate vocabulary ahead of time so you can teach your class, Pirate Speak.  Here are some words with their translations: Ahoy –… Continue reading International Talk like a Pirate Day

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What is Developmentally Appropriate? DAP

When I started this journey to do training, I joined several facebook groups for preschool teachers. I wanted to get an idea of what things they were interested in and what questions they might have. I am so surprised at how many posts ask questions like, “What’s the best way to teach two-year olds the… Continue reading What is Developmentally Appropriate? DAP

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Unstructured Play vs. Organized Sports

Young children need to run. They need to play. They need to cooperate. So how do we meet all these needs and still promote positive development in our kids? Organized sports are OK. They do teach cooperation. But they also lead to frustration (I’m not good enough) and they put a lot of pressure on… Continue reading Unstructured Play vs. Organized Sports

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Growing Butterflies

Watching the metamorphosis of butterflies is fascinating! Every spring we purchase painted lady butterfly larva (another word for caterpillars) from InsectLore. They come in a little cup with the food in the bottom. We place the cup on the front counter with information about the caterpillars and what’s going on in there. With each stage… Continue reading Growing Butterflies