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What is Developmentally Appropriate? DAP

When I started this journey to do training, I joined several facebook groups for preschool teachers. I wanted to get an idea of what things they were interested in and what questions they might have. I am so surprised at how many posts ask questions like, “What’s the best way to teach two-year olds the… Continue reading What is Developmentally Appropriate? DAP

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Unstructured Play vs. Organized Sports

Young children need to run. They need to play. They need to cooperate. So how do we meet all these needs and still promote positive development in our kids? Organized sports are OK. They do teach cooperation. But they also lead to frustration (I’m not good enough) and they put a lot of pressure on… Continue reading Unstructured Play vs. Organized Sports

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Growing Butterflies

Watching the metamorphosis of butterflies is fascinating! Every spring we purchase painted lady butterfly larva (another word for caterpillars) from InsectLore. They come in a little cup with the food in the bottom. We place the cup on the front counter with information about the caterpillars and what’s going on in there. With each stage… Continue reading Growing Butterflies

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That “Ta-Da” Moment!

Do you offer the children in your classroom a “ta-da” moment every day? I know, you’re thinking, “what the heck is she talking about?” Well, let me explain. Have you ever been trying to figure something out – a problem for school or work or home? Have you ever racked your brain for the answer?… Continue reading That “Ta-Da” Moment!

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Why Use Loose Parts?

Some years ago a theory popped up – the theory of loose parts. Although this concept has been around and used a lot longer than its name, it’s now a mainstream idea. The practice of providing children with movable materials that have no specific purpose; that can be taken from area to area and put… Continue reading Why Use Loose Parts?

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National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Yes, there is a national day for everything. Tomorrow is for fairy tales. Although some fairy tales have a dark history, a fairy tale, by definition is a children’s story about magical beings and lands. Taking that idea, what a great day to teach children about story telling!

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Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Us humans employ multiple methods of thinking. Divergent thinking uses creative thought processes. Through exploration we work through many  possible solutions to a problem. It is free-flowing and non-linear and is usually very spontaneous. Convergent thinking, by contrast, usually means there is a correct and incorrect answer. There are directions to follow and is very… Continue reading Divergent and Convergent Thinking

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National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Art has the power to move us. It can bring a smile or reduce us to tears. Some art is disturbing while another is comforting. Today is a day to ponder art as a way to fill our souls with joy. And for children, that comes in the process, not the product. It is the… Continue reading National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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National Step in a Puddle Day – Getting Outdoors

Tomorrow is National Step in a Puddle Day and Splash your Friend. Yes. Yes it really is. No one seems to know who or why this day was created, but who cares? It’s a day to go outdoors and enjoy just being there. So what if we get a little rain – we won’t melt!… Continue reading National Step in a Puddle Day – Getting Outdoors

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Cooking with Kids – Making Butter

Cooking with kids is great project that not only employs the science of food, but vocabulary, history, and some tasty fun!  As a teacher I used the Thanksgiving holiday to talk about families and traditions.  We also talked about the history some of those traditions, like using butter.  How do we get butter?  What is… Continue reading Cooking with Kids – Making Butter