Human Growth & Development

How do You Listen?

Did you know the day after Thanksgiving is the National Day of Listening? I didn’t know either. In 2008, an organization called StoryCorp launched a day set aside for families to take time to tell and record their stories. It’s a day to interview each other and share a family history. But when I first… Continue reading How do You Listen?

Human Growth & Development

Biting Hurts!

Those of us who have worked with toddlers know that they bite. Some of them seem to follow the other children just waiting for an opportunity to lock on. But they really aren’t. The first step in preventing biting is to understand it. Why do toddlers bite? One reason, they don’t have the words to… Continue reading Biting Hurts!


Listen to the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but to me, the holidays are so much more fun when there are kids around. At our center they are feeling it in the air. There is excitement and joy and a little misdirected behavior too! So what do we do with all this mounting energy? Listen. I had a… Continue reading Listen to the Holidays