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The Science of Fall Leaves

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Depending on where you live, the leaves of the deciduous trees turn into bright displays of color and then fall to the ground. But how and why does this happen? As teachers of young children, this color show is a great opportunity to teach them the science of… Continue reading The Science of Fall Leaves

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World Honey Bee Awareness Day

Tomorrow is World Honey Bee Awareness day. Not only does a honey bee give us honey, did you know they help pollinate nearly 80% of all flowering plants? That’s a lot of pollinating – and it helps farmers produce a huge amount of the foods we eat (about one out of every three mouths full… Continue reading World Honey Bee Awareness Day

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Growing Butterflies

Watching the metamorphosis of butterflies is fascinating! Every spring we purchase painted lady butterfly larva (another word for caterpillars) from InsectLore. They come in a little cup with the food in the bottom. We place the cup on the front counter with information about the caterpillars and what’s going on in there. With each stage… Continue reading Growing Butterflies

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Are You Ready for the Solar Eclipse?

We have an exciting event coming here to the upper Willamette Valley!  The solar eclipse will cross our state offering 100% totality in many locations.  It’s exciting and a wonderful opportunity to educate children about the amazing world we live in!   First and foremost, safety!!