Learning Environments & Curriculum

Child Directed Play

My office was next to the playground. I could look out the window and watch the kids play. One day a couple of months ago I happened to look out and saw a toddler picking up leaves and moving them to a pile she had started in the corner of the play yard. I watched… Continue reading Child Directed Play

Human Growth & Development

Biting Hurts!

Those of us who have worked with toddlers know that they bite. Some of them seem to follow the other children just waiting for an opportunity to lock on. But they really aren’t. The first step in preventing biting is to understand it. Why do toddlers bite? One reason, they don’t have the words to… Continue reading Biting Hurts!

Human Growth & Development

The Very Youngest in Our Charge

I taught a workshop this weekend on Creative Curriculum and putting it all together. Overall I thought it went pretty well. It was a great, interactive group that had some great ideas and worked well together. As I went over the feedback the next day it was a pretty dominant theme – there was a… Continue reading The Very Youngest in Our Charge