Workshops Currently Available

Listed below are the workshops that are currently available.  Please contact me for more information.


So Much To Do & So Little Time: Tools to Organize it All    

Do you feel like your to do list is too long?  Are you having trouble meeting all those deadlines (and remembering what and when they are)?  Then this workshop is for you!  We will explore ways to organize that list and help you get it all done!

A fun, interactive two hour workshop!

Set One:  Program Management



Creative Curriculum: Putting it All Together    

A thee hour workshop that starts with the basic components of Teaching Strategies, Creative Curriculum.  Then a hands on opportunity to put it all together in a lesson plan finishes off the session.

Set One:  Learning Environments & Curriculum



Classrooms as the Root of Challenging Behavior  

Do you continually have challenging behavior in your classroom? This workshop examines the ways the environment can affect children’s behaviors and what we as teachers can do to change that. We examine the physical environment as well as teaching methods that can promote a more positive classroom.

Set One:  Behavior Management


Check here for new workshops. If you are looking for something specific and don’t see it here, please contact me.  I am always working on new ideas!