Workshops Currently Available

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So Much To Do & So Little Time: Tools to Organize it All    

Do you feel like your to do list is too long?  Are you having trouble meeting all those deadlines (and remembering what and when they are)?  Then this workshop is for you!  We will explore ways to organize that list and help you get it all done!

A fun, interactive two hour workshop!

Set One:  Program Management


The Benefit of Nature to the Whole Child

Modern children spend most of their time indoors engaging with electronics. Studies have shown that many of our maladies can be lessened or even overcome by interaction with the natural world. This training session will explore the ways outdoor play can promote healthy development of the whole child and ways to bring these experiences into a child care setting.

Two hour interactive Workshop

Set Two:  Human Growth & Development


Supporting Traumatized Children in the Classroom 

In today’s cultural climate, many of the children in our classrooms have experienced some type of trauma. This workshop will examine the definition of trauma and how it affects a child’s growth and development. Participants will also explore various ways to provide a trauma sensitive environment and method that support the behaviors that might ensue.

Two hour interactive Workshop

Set Two:  Special Needs


I Don’t Bite: Guiding Toddler Behavior and Talking to Parents 

Biting seems to be the number one problem among toddlers. Parents don?t understand it and neither do many teachers. This training will focus on the causes of biting, biting prevention and response, and how to talk to parents about the problem.

Two hour interactive Workshop

Set Two:   Understanding & Guiding Behavior


Check here for new workshops. If you are looking for something specific and don’t see it here, please contact me.  I am always working on new ideas!