It’s Fall. Breathe – Put your Feet up.

Wow!  Can you believe summer is just about over – in some places it IS over!!  Are you ready for the new school year? At our center there will be a training on the use of Creative Curriculum and planning activities – and then the part the teachers like the most, seriously – preparing their… Continue reading It’s Fall. Breathe – Put your Feet up.

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Are You Ready for the Solar Eclipse?

We have an exciting event coming here to the upper Willamette Valley!  The solar eclipse will cross our state offering 100% totality in many locations.  It’s exciting and a wonderful opportunity to educate children about the amazing world we live in!   First and foremost, safety!! 


Child Care Reflections

As I spend time building this website and planning what workshops I’m going to offer, I find myself reflecting on the experiences I’ve had in this ever changing field of child care.  What was it that made me want to do this?  Why have I persisted even though I can barely make a living at… Continue reading Child Care Reflections