Reflections of Time Gone By

I can’t believe that 2017 is over. It seems like we were just bringing in the new millennium and now we’ve traveled 17 years. I find myself thinking about those seventeen years, and the last one in particular. What have I done to improve the life of someone else? What have I done with that time? I am sitting here pondering my reflections of the past year and all it brought with it.

Over the last year I’ve dealt with struggles – personal and professional. I’ve had moments at my desk that I’ve wondered, Why am I here? What is the purpose? And then something happens that reminds me of that purpose.

A child steps into my office and shouts, “hi Helen” or comes over and offers a hug. Another waves goodbye and says, “I love you”. And there is the parent that says, “I appreciate how you care for my child” or tells a story of how their child gets excited to come see his teacher. There are the tough moments dealing with unsafe behaviors and having to have those hard conversations with parents and guardians. And the shining moments when you see a break through – a child demonstrates a positive understanding of the world around her. It’s for these moments that I do what I do.

This last year I’ve dealt with personal health issues, the loss of a beloved pet, comforted a friend whose mother passed away. And I’ve found new and positive ways to cope with the hard times through intentional meditation and quiet reflection. And through those moments I have made discoveries about myself that excite and intrigue me.

I have learned how much I enjoy teaching a workshop and sharing my 30 something years of knowledge with others – and the feedback they give helps me to grow. There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be found in each person. I’ve learned to listen – to really listen to “what my brain is saying” and what those around me have to share.

And as we move forward into a new year – a new beginning – I am excited about the possibilities. Each year I choose a word for the year to come – no resolutions, just a word. Last year was discovery and, as I just said, I discovered a lot. This year my word is Adventure. It is defined as an exciting and remarkable experience and I am ready for the journey.

Will you join me this year on an adventure of learning and excitement?

5 thoughts on “Reflections of Time Gone By

  1. What a lovely post. I was especially touched by this sentence “There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be found in each person”. ‘Very best wishes to you in your year of Adventure! Thank you for sharing this post at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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