Learning Environments & Curriculum

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Yes, there is a national day for everything. Tomorrow is for fairy tales. Although some fairy tales have a dark history, a fairy tale, by definition is a children’s story about magical beings and lands. Taking that idea, what a great day to teach children about story telling!

Learning Environments & Curriculum

Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Us humans employ multiple methods of thinking. Divergent thinking uses creative thought processes. Through exploration we work through many  possible solutions to a problem. It is free-flowing and non-linear and is usually very spontaneous. Convergent thinking, by contrast, usually means there is a correct and incorrect answer. There are directions to follow and is very… Continue reading Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Human Growth & Development

Biting Hurts!

Those of us who have worked with toddlers know that they bite. Some of them seem to follow the other children just waiting for an opportunity to lock on. But they really aren’t. The first step in preventing biting is to understand it. Why do toddlers bite? One reason, they don’t have the words to… Continue reading Biting Hurts!