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The Week of the Young Child

If you aren’t a member of NAEYC (The National Association for the Education of Young Children), I highly recommend you join. They have an abundance of resources and help to keep child care professionals updated on new research and laws. And every year they promote the Week of the Young Child #woyc19, “advocating for a lifetime of success for all children”.



Each day this week will have a different focus, but everyday will promote the growth and well being of our children.

And so let’s start with Music Monday!

They say that music has the power to soothe the savage beast. I am very sure music has power. It has the potential to quiet the mind or excite the body. Just look how movies use music. They can create the feeling they want you to have from scene to scene just by changing the dissonance and rhythm. Music sets the mood.

But did you know if can promote a child’s development? Think about it. It can promote language and literacy and, if you move with it, gives children a fun way to be active and get exercise!

Needs some ideas?

  • Use music for transitions. Make up the words to a familiar tune – like “Are you sleeping” – Sing: Time to clean up, time to clean up; blocks go here, books go here; When the room is clean and everyone is ready, we’ll go outdoors..go outdoors. Pretty easy, huh?
  • Put background music on while the children are playing. Soft jazz or quiet classical music that has no words, gives children the benefit of the sound without the distractions of a heavy beat or lyrics.
  • Take music outside! Play those tunes loud and march around the playground!
  • Teach kids a new song every week. Make it simple. Sing it until you can’t sing it anymore! Baby Shark didn’t become viral from saving it for the right time! It’s playing EVERYWHERE!
  • Make musical instruments – click here a great tutorial!
  • Or bring in some instruments from around the world!

So sing and dance the day away and get ready for tomorrow – it’s Tasty Tuesday!


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