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Week of the Young Child – Tasty Tuesday

Day two of the Week of the Young Child #woyc19, – working with NAEYC to promote the well-being and positive development of all children!


Are you ready for Tasty Tuesday!

Tasty Tuesday is a day to promote healthy eating and fitness. And not just eating the tasty food, but preparing it too! Cooking gives children the opportunity to do math, science, learn new words and have a great time with an adult in their lives.

It’s also a day to recognize how many children in our country go hungry. More than 12 million children live in homes that struggle daily to put food on the table.

Tasty Tuesday would be a great opportunity to talk with children about other’s that don’t always get enough to eat and what we can do about it. Encourage parents to volunteer in a soup kitchen with their kids – Or do a canned food drive at your school and donate it to the local food bank. Sharing is a great opportunity to help children learn compassion.

And what about that cooking with the kids? Do a taco bar – let the class help with food prep. Bake some healthy muffins. Have a big bowl of fresh fruit! Talk about all the things healthy food does for our bodies and how together with exercise makes us strong!

So get out the cooking utensils, then put on the running shoes and get moving! Then get ready for tomorrow – it’s Work Together Wednesday!

Side note: All of these activities this week can be done any time of year. You don’t need to wait for the Week of the Young Child!


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