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Week of the Young Child – Work Together Wednesday (Collaboration)

Half way through the Week of the Young Child #woyc19, – working with NAEYC to promote the well-being and positive development of all children!


Today is Work Together Wednesday!

When you see working together what comes to mind first? I think of collaboration. When your children are playing together, watch. Are they working as a team or simply playing side by side. Sit on the floor with them. Intentionally and gently pull them into a collaboration.

“Look at this cool block house I’m making. Do you want to help?”

Draw them in then point out, “Look at what we did together! That’s called collaboration, or team work. We made a bigger and better house together than I could do all by myself. Thanks. What else can we do together?” Don’t be afraid to use big words. They will remember, especially if you have defined them in words they understand.

Now look around the room. Who else is collaborating? Make sure to comment on how well they are working together.

And how about your relationships with your peers. Are you supporting each other, or just working side by side. How we behave sets the example for the children.

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

The NAEYC website also notes, Power to the Profession. But what does that mean? It means collaboration is not just for the children, but for all of us. We need to work together to advance the Early Childhood profession. We can do that by staying informed of laws and legislation that affect what we do. A good place to start is to join an organization like NAEYC and become a part of the Power to the Profession, a national collaboration working to define the early childhood profession.



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