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The Week of the Young Child – Family Friday

It’s the last day of the Week of the Young Child #woyc19 – working with NAEYC to promote the well-being and positive development of all children!


Today’s focus is the Family!

My personal philosophy has always been that we don’t just care for the child, we support and serve the whole family. No one knows a child like a parent does. That being said, every family has a different parenting style. It is of utmost important that we always respect the difference. And a great way to do that is to offer opportunities for parents to participate in your programs.

Parent participation is so much more than the annual Christmas program. Plan an open house. At our center we do a “You and me tea” and a “You and me picnic” inviting a parent or parent representative to join us. Open house includes some kind of project in the classroom for parents to do with their child. Think about doing an annual art exhibit. Set up displays that explain the value of creativity in the development of young children. Or plan a family night complete with dinner!

Making your classroom warm and friendly is another way to make families feel welcome. Make sure all families are represented in pictures and words. Be respectful of any language variations and maybe even try to learn some! Here is a great article from NAEYC that addresses making your classroom family friendly – Welcome Children and Families to your Classroom.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that family engagement is just as important as the curriculum and activities. When we support the family, we support the child.

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

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