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World Honey Bee Awareness Day

Tomorrow is World Honey Bee Awareness day.

honey bee

Not only does a honey bee give us honey, did you know they help pollinate nearly 80% of all flowering plants? That’s a lot of pollinating – and it helps farmers produce a huge amount of the foods we eat (about one out of every three mouths full of food).


Here are some fun facts:

  • Bees live in a hive that is composed of three types of bees; The queen (the mother of all the bees), the workers (the guys that go out and get all the pollen) and the drones (these are the males, the bee dads). The colony can have 50,000 to 60,000 honey bees and just one queen.
  • Bees wings flap over 200 times in one second! They can fly up to 15 mph and visit a hundred flowers a day!
  • It takes nectar from more than 2 million flowers to make a single pound of honey.
  • When a good nectar source is found, the whole hive goes out and gathers it.
  • Honey is an antiseptic. It’s great on burns!
  • The honey bee is the only insect that produces something we eat.
  • Bee populations are rapidly decline for no apparent reason. Some areas have lost 90% of their bees.

So lets get the word out about bees! Here are some books to use with your class to start talking about how important these buzzy little friends are.

Activity Ideas

  • Buy some honey comb. Let the kids touch it, smell it, and taste it!

honey comb

  • Back to the Hive Game – Make a cardboard hive and set it on a fence or table. Hide a bunch of paper bees outside and let the children find them. When they find them, they “fly” them back to the hive.
  • Using a hexagon block, make honeycomb prints on a big sheet of paper. Stick some bee stickers on it when its dry.
  • Find a local beekeeper that will either come to the class or let your visit. Ask her to tell you about beekeeping and why someone would want to be a beekeeper.

So happy World Honey Bee Day – Time to get buzzin’!


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