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COVID-19 – What should we do?

The COVID-19 virus is building force here on the West Coast. It’s pretty scary times. As I watch everything around me closing, I wonder why child care (a virtual petri dish of germs) remains open.

I do understand our front line workers need child care – those medical and emergency response people that are putting themselves at risk to help all of us. But what about us child care workers? Can we risk exposure to COVID-19?

I am 64 with hypertension. I’m high risk. My husband is 75 with multiple health issues, including sever pulmonary problems. I’m scared. And I’m torn!

To what extent am I willing to put my family at risk to provide care? It’s frustrating when children arrive who’s parents are working from home – or not working at all. It’s not a vacation. This is serious. COVID-19 threatens our lives as we know them – it threatens many peoples lives, period.

Statistics show that very few cases (if any) involve children, but doctors are warning that children can carry the virus. We can wash our hands until they are raw, sanitize, spray bleach, wipe down and wash our hands some more, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing this thing. It just keeps coming.

As for me – I want to support my community, but I want to keep my family safe. I need to work, but is it worth the risk? This is a hard question and, I’m curious, how everyone else is weighing in on this.


Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Stay safe – stay well –

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