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Childcare and Covid – it’s been a long year.

It’s been a long year. Covid has changed the world of childcare in good and bad ways.

Here in Oregon childcare rules have changed with drastic consequences to the business side. Groups are smaller and must be static. No moving kids around if a teacher calls in sick. And parents can’t go in the building. Someone meets them outside to check a child in and out. And masks. All day masks for staff. There’s even some online learning going on for school aged children. This, and the many other rule changes, have put financial strain on many centers and many have had to close. It’s difficult for families, teachers and center owners.


And the good news is, America has realized how important childcare is to our economy. Without childcare, both parents can’t work. Less workers means less disposable income and less spending. Our entire economy is based on what we spend. Maybe it’s time to start talking tuition support for the most underserved, the middle class. And perhaps they’ll realize that the average center cannot afford to pay qualified staff what they should be getting paid. Someone needs to step in to make childcare important. Yes, I’m all for universal childcare in the U.S.

That being said, I’m learning to do online training. If I ever get a handle on it, I’ll be offering trainings via zoom. Stay tuned!


I hope everyone is staying safe. Keep your mask on and wash your hands!!



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